Stasis is a plane that represents the state of the world that happens in an instant. It's inhabited by Heralds and Specters and can be traveled to through a Stone in the real world. Its origins remain unknown.

Overview Edit

Stasis retains the same environment of the real world but, except beings who are possessed by a Specter, everything is static and cannot move by themselves. Beings who are possessed can move freely within stasis as long as the Specter remains inside of them. These beings, normally humans, can interact with objects as if they had the same weight and properties, but once the object is out of the user's possession it loses momentum and becomes frozen once again.

As an instant is simply a point of time, there can be multiple versions of Stasis depending on which instant the traveler is in. Because of this, anyone traveling through one instance of Stasis will not be able to meet anyone traveling through another instance of Stasis, which can be different by one-thousandth of a second.

Travel Edit

The currently known way to travel to Stasis is to be possessed by a Specter, usually with a Stone. To use the Stone, the process is to insert a bodily fluid (blood, tears) into the hole on top. From there, a sphere of unknown properties envelopes those within the range of the Stone and Specters appear to the group. After a member incites the word "Aegis", the Specters possess each member inside the sphere and all members are placed into Stasis.

Stones aren't necessarily needed to be possessed. If a person traveling through Stasis dies (usually by a Herald), the Specter within the body leaves and possesses a Stalled. It is observed that Specters will possess a Stalled person that is related to the Yukawa family, regardless of distance.

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